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What Are The Travel Trends of 2019?

Caribbean beach
Caribbean beach
Source: Pixabay

Even with last year’s worries in many cities about over-tourism, a steadily increasing number of people are traveling around the world. Is one of your goals for 2019 to travel more? We take a look at the top travel trends of the year, including ways to break away from the crowds and try something new.

The Top Location: The Caribbean

After a difficult time with the hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, most of the islands that were hit are recovered enough – or will be shortly – to welcome tourists from all over. And they are expecting a boom in traveler numbers this year! Puerto Rico even tailored some of their reconstruction efforts towards infrastructure improvements and upgrades aimed at tourists. Dominica, a smaller island more tuned to outdoor adventures without huge resorts, is a great destination for the eco-minded with eco-lodges and breathtaking backpacking trails. With the island not on the list for mass tourism, it is a perfect place to spend your money and help rebuild the island. With more nonstop flights from the USA to the Caribbean, access is easier and potentially cheaper this year.

Conscious And Social Impact Travel

As seen by the Caribbean’s post-hurricane popularity for 2019, people are looking more and more to do something positive with their travels. Travelers have gained a greater awareness of social issues in various countries and are choosing their destinations based on criteria such as LGBTQI-friendliness, political influences in tourism, and possibilities to engage with local communities. Ecotourism and responsible tourism have been gaining in popularity over the past few years. People wish to reduce poor influences of tourism on local communities and instead drive development and socioeconomic growth of small communities through sustainable methods.

Boutique Travel Agencies

Boutique travel agencies are popping up to offer unique tailored trips to travelers. Millennials are driving this trend with their desire for unique experiences every chance they can get. An increasing number of travel agencies are providing itineraries that go beyond the typical tourist spots and sites. Having an agent do all the research and organization, taking the hassle out of traveling, is especially important to today’s busy workers. Agencies are also seeing a boom in surprise package holidays. Travelers only know when they will be gone, but not where!


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Solo Travel

No longer a niche market, traveling alone and at one’s own pace is continuing to gain popularity. Rather than worrying about pleasing a significant other, family, or group of friends, solo travel provides a way to explore exactly what you wish. Some top locations include: Costa Rica for its amazing beaches, Stockholm which features great safety, especially for solo female travelers, and New York City for a city break where it’s easier to fit things in for just one person. Solo traveling allows you to do any and everything you want at your own pace!

Multi-Generational Travel And Family Gap Years

More families are and will be traveling together for longer periods of time. With an estimated 50% of British and Americans working freelance by 2020 and an increasing number of children home-schooled, families have more freedom to travel without being tied to one location. Families are making goals to explore the world together and really dive into cultures. Adults are also increasingly including their parents on trips, a number that has doubled over the past few years.

Staycations And Micro-Tripping

Traveling does not have to mean spending a lot of money and time to go to an exotic location. In today’s poor economy, people do not necessarily have the money to go far away on vacation. Staycations and micro-tripping are two trends in an interest to save money and due to a lack of time off at work. Staycations involve staying home and exploring one’s city and surroundings and has been a trend since the Great Recession but shows no signs of going away. Micro-tripping includes weekend trips, something that 53% of global travelers say is their greater interest currently versus longer travels.

More Efficient Travel Thanks To Technology

Technology is also changing travel. For example, cryptocurrencies are seeing an increase in popularity as a way to pay rather than worrying about exchange and commission rates. Tech-obsessed Asian countries are leading the way, with other countries to follow. Additionally, flying is becoming easier with airport check-ins that use facial recognition technology. Two examples of airports that have led the way with biometrics are Sydney Airport which partnered with airline Qantas on testing facial recognition-only check-ins and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, one of the most-frequented airports in the world, which opened a biometric terminal at the end of 2018. In Atlanta, passengers with Delta can go curbside to gate all biometrically. Airports are also using more robots to interact with passengers from parking assistants to welcome assistants that provide updated information.

So how and where will you go in 2019?