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5 Tech Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

There are some amazing gadgets on the market today, but when it comes to tech that improves your life, the product selection is just that much cooler. Gadgets that integrate seamlessly into your home to make life easier, safer, and more convenient are the ones we like, and those are the ones we’ve listed here.


Source: Android Authority

An android phone with a built-in projector, you can imagine the uses for this device. It has all the normal conveniences, a 13-mega pixel camera, fingerprint sensors, 5.5” HD display and the laser projector. The Moviphone can project your screen display, in full colour, onto any flat white surface up to 200 inches.

So next time you want to watch a movie or play a game, you can do so on a big screen wherever you are.

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The Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod
Source: TNW

This mini speaker is so much more than just a speaker. Integrating Apple music and Siri, it becomes an all out smart control device. On the music side this speaker is packed with 7 tweeters, a 4” woofer and 6 microphones. The microphones are used for voice control, we’ll get to that, and to optimize the acoustics so you get the best sound in any room.

Siri’s integration means that no matter what you are doing she can assist. From sending and reading messages, to commanding other smart tech in your home, and reminding you to water your plants.

Natatmo Welcome

Netatmo Welcome
Source: Netatmo

An indoor security camera, with built in facial recognition, this camera will alert you as soon as an intruder enters your home. It works by scanning in the faces of ‘safe’ people and will send out an alert when and unidentified person is scanned. It also records movements in your home, but to make it a bit less stalkerish, you can disable the record setting when a family member is scanned. Otherwise it would just be creepy.

Halo Sport Neuroscience

Reach your fitness goals in less time or master Tchaikovskys Piano Concerto by heart. The Halo Sport was created to help us reach our goals faster, to train for longer. By stimulating the motor cortex of the brain, the Halo Sport claims to induce a state of intense learning. This enables our bodies and brains to pick up techniques faster, to learn more in a shorter period, and be able to continue for longer.

It will be interesting to see if this gets labelled as cheating, the equivalent of say, steroids, if use by professional sports people. Me? I’m off to practice that concerto.

Wireless Chargers

Pi Wireless Charger
Source: SlashGear

Although many manufacturers have released wireless chargers, the truth is, if your phone must touch the item, although it doesn’t get plugged in, it is still inconvenient.

Welcome the Pi. Pi looks like a light shade and can charge multiple devices from short distances away. Plus, you can use your device while it’s charging. So, plug Pi in, put it on your work desk and all your devices can charge without touching a pad or needing to be plugged in.

Amazing 3D Printing

3D printing has opened a whole new world to consumers, medical practitioners, even food producers. There is merit to the argument that 3D printing is just another avenue for people to continue feeding their obsession with ‘stuff’.  Which, unless we choose to print something useful, is true. In the right hands 3D printing opens an entire world of possibilities with benefits. From life-saving to just plain cool, here are some amazing 3D printed items.

An Awesome Robot Hand

Leading bionic prosthetics are unaffordable to most people. Considering that most amputees are from low-income, often war-torn countries, the thought of ever getting a prosthetic (never mind a bionic) limb hasn’t crossed their minds. In comes the 3D printed bionic hand. At a fraction of the cost of its predecessor, trials are currently being run with the NHS to make this prosthetic available to kids affected by amputation. Amazing!

A Human Ear

3D printed human ear
Source: YouTube

We are all aware of the need for transplant organs, skin grafts for burn victims or other procedures that could help people with disabilities or malformations. There is also a massive shortage of donors and even when a recipient receives a transplant, there is still substantial risk of rejection. Although science hasn’t gotten quite as far as printing working hearts, they already provide living tissue for drug testing and have successfully used printed arteries and printed an ear. The potential for printing live tissue is exponential and could eliminate rejection in organ recipients, make animal testing by drug companies redundant, and, eventually, tackle birth defects.

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Edible Meat

3D printed meat
Source: Food Logistics

Up until recently, one was only able to print custom design candies when it came to foodstuffs – a pastime most popular amongst chefs. A recent addition to the world of food printing now allows the consumer to print wholesome foods using fresh ingredients loaded into cartridges. The big picture here is the potential this has to address food shortages and the strain that many agricultural practices are putting on the environment. It sounds strange, but in the future, you could be eating a juicy steak printed from alternative/insect proteins (how would you like your steak printed, sir?).

Life Size Foetus Figurine

Foetus 3D Print
Source: YouTube

The ultimate way to remember just how tiny your baby was. You can have a figurine of your unborn baby printed from the ultrasound. Forget about that boring ultrasound snap and have a replica printed for posterity. Why? Because they grow up so fast.

An Apartment Building and a Villa

3D printed building
Source: winsun3d.com

Yes, that is correct. You could print a building.  The first apartment building to be 3D printed was constructed in China. Using mostly recycled materials, this building stands five storeys high. The same company has also printed a 1100 square metre villa complete with pillars, windowsills and decorative cornices.