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5 of the Most Opulent Yachts

With superyachts measuring longer than some cruise ships, it is difficult to understand how they can be called yachts. A quick definition check and you will see that to be classified a yacht, the vessel will be used purely for recreation.  So here they are. The most luxurious yachts ever built.

  1. Al Mirqab

Al Mirqab
Source: Yacht Charter Fleet

The Al Mirqab was built for the Prime Minister of Qatar in 2008, and arguably has the most spacious guest suites of all the yachts. In addition to the usual helicopter pads, bars and Jacuzzis, the ten guest suites on the Al Mirqab each have their own bathroom, dining room and double bedroom.

  1. The Eclipse

The Eclipse
Source: Boat International

Built by Blohm + Voss, the Eclipse was, until the release of the Azzam, the largest superyacht. The eclipse features two helicopter pads, two swimming pools, a mini-submarine, three landing boats and twenty-four cabins. There is also a missile detection system, in case they find themselves sharing the sea with Superyacht A. This luxury yacht accommodates 70 crew members to ensure that the guests’ every whim is tended to.

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  1. Azzam

Source: wanderglobe.org

Today the Azzam still holds the title for the longest of the superyachts in the world, measuring in at a massive 592’6” ft. (180.60m). Even with her hefty size, she still reaches up to 30 knots. Rumoured to have 50 suites, even four years after her release, finding details about her interior is difficult.

  1. Superyacht A

Superyacht A
Source: Pinterest

You will be forgiven for thinking the Navy has anchored off the coastline when you see Superyacht A. The sleek exterior and communications equipment gives her the look of a naval vessel. Not as deadly though, and her stylings definitely make a statement.

A more intimate vessel, she accommodates only fourteen guests in seven cabins, and forty-two crew members. This beauty boasts a disco and convertible suite with moving walls.

  1. The Dilbar

The Dilbar
Source: Luxury Charter Group

Considered the largest (but not the longest) of the superyachts, the Dilbar has the largest indoor pool ever to be built on a superyacht. Physics dictate that the pool would need to be drained every time the yacht has to move. Meaning it would need to be refilled at every stop to be ready for the owner to use. Other features include a movie theatre, spa, and helicopter pad, but the most interesting part of the construction is the separate crew passageway. Because who wants to bump into the pesky working class unless they are bringing you a fresh cocktail?

The ultimate show of your net worth is the purchase of a yacht. Spending millions on a vessel built purely for recreation and decorating it with only the most luxurious and opulent finishes. Owning a yacht is your membership card to the true 1% club.