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Essential Home Gaming Accessories

Essential Home Gaming Accessories
Source: The Tech Dudz

Have you ever been sitting at home, settling down for a night of gaming, only to have a deeply troubling realisation. No, not that it’s 2AM and you have work the next day. Something far worse than that. You’re uncomfortable. Yes, discomfort is the number one killer of gaming binges, and perhaps the biggest unspoken international plague of players.

Don’t you worry; I’m already lobbying the government to take action against this global catastrophe. However, until government gets into gear and does something official about the heinous problem, I’ve taken a few steps of my own, and learned the incredible benefits of a few home gaming accessories. Come with me on an exciting journey of home casino gaming accessory discovery!

The Real Essentials

Seriously, though, it’s amazing how much difference a few specialised home gaming accessories can make. I spend many hours sitting, staring at a computer monitor and believe you me; I know well just how quickly the aches and pains can manifest.

To combat those aches and pains, there are a few essential accessories you really need to look into. And I’m not talking about ‘luxury’ items either; I’m talking about accessories that very simply should be standard with every computer.

A Decent Mousepad

The first is a decent mousepad. Standard mousepads, the ones that are simply a flat piece of rubbery stuff, are about as bog standard as you get. And yes, they do the job of keeping your mouse on the straight and narrow, but take little consideration as far as the comfort of your hand goes. Long casino game sessions are going to require a great deal of mouse moving action, and you can bet that your wrist is going to be buggered pretty quickly.

Invest in an ergonomic mousepad. These are the ones that have cushioning for your hand. They may look rather daft at first glance, but trust me when I say that they will save you from serious wrist pain. I have had one for some time, and trying to use a mouse without one now just feels awkward, to the point that I wonder why such mousepads aren’t standard.

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Decent Headphones

I used a cheap pair of headphones for a long time, and have no trouble saying that after a few hours, those headphones made my ears feel like they were being crushed in a vice. Painful, is the word I’m looking for here; to such an extent that I swear the headphones could have doubled as a form of torture. And that isn’t even much of a stretch.

Decent high quality headphones are a great deal cheaper than you might think. And no, you don’t need the ridiculously priced ones that create a vacuum around your ear, for perfect sound. Those really do exist. I’m just talking about the ones that sit around your ear, as opposed to on your ear. This design promises perfect ear comfort, no matter how long your online casino binge lasts.

Decent Chair

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that sitting on a good chair during your gaming is about as critical as it gets. An uncomfortable chair can ruin your back, and even give you serious pains. Now, there are chairs these days that are designed with home gaming in mind, but I’ll tell you right now that those are an instant no-no.

Why? Because they are overpriced to the point of being crazy. I’m not saying you can’t buy one, but I personally wouldn’t fork out over that sort of cash, for something that is designed only to be sat on, and doesn’t transform into a robot that also makes me coffee.

What I can say, though, is that you should at least invest in a decent office chair. Proper back support is no joke, especially when you’re going to be sitting for more than a few hours. A good office chair really isn’t that expensive, and should probably be the first thing you think about, before the headphones and mousepad.

Wireless Input Devices

Wireless input devices are last on my list, mostly because I don’t personally like them. I have a deep aversion to things that need batteries, very simply because they are just an extra thing I need to worry about. I recently bought a new gaming mouse, and a new keyboard, and specifically went for the versions with wires.

However, as far as gaming controllers go, I can say that wireless controllers are okay in my books. Given that they are used only when playing games, the batteries tend to last a great deal longer. Wireless game controllers are also cheaper than you might think.

Ready to play in comfort now? You can thank me later!