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Cannabis & Casinos: Is Pot Legal in Vegas?

Is Pot Legal in Vegas?
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Attracting some 43 million visitors a year, it’s a place that demands you have a good time and indulge in your vices. This is Las Vegas, and whatever happens here, stays here. Those who dabble in the pleasures of marijuana will be happy to know that their next trip to Sin City doesn’t have to be devoid of the best green. Quite the contrary. A city of pure decadence and indulgence unlike any other in the world, it will soon be known not just for its casinos, but also for its burgeoning cannabis culture.

Can You Legally Light Up A Joint?

Cannabis use for medicinal purposes was legalised in November 2000; however, the first medical marijuana dispensaries only began popping up towards the middle of 2015. As of November 2016, recreational use of marijuana by adults over the age of 21 became legal in the state of Nevada, and in July 2017, recreational cannabis sales began in earnest. Now tourists heading for a hedonistic trip to Las Vegas can consume cannabis legally within the borders of the state. While recreational and medicinal users can freely purchase and consume marijuana, what is slightly trickier is where exactly they can light up.

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Nevada’s Green Rush

Last year, Nevada’s recreational marijuana market hit a staggering $38 million in sales. The state’s marijuana market is driven heavily by the scintillating appeal that Las Vegas offers tourists. Some estimates value the state’s combined cannabis market to be worth a cool $622 million by 2020. Although still largely in its infancy, the cannabis landscape of Nevada is evolving and includes a growing number of marijuana-focussed service providers. Here, you easily make a trip to the nearest dispensary, get high on a Las Vegas cannabis tour, take part in stoner-friendly activities or indulge in some locally made edibles.

Consuming Cannabis in Public

Marijuana is decriminalised in Nevada and penalties for possession and distribution are significantly reduced when compared to other states across America. But wait! Before you light up your joint on the Las Vegas strip, you should know that consuming cannabis in public is not allowed. Although Las Vegas is known for its lax laws surrounding tobacco consumption in casinos and entertainment venues, it still needs to get around the red tape involved with setting up designated cannabis consumption areas. For tourists, this means that it’s perfectly within the confines of the law for you to buy it, but you don’t really have anywhere legal to enjoy it. Not in your hotel room, not on the Strip, not at the Blackjack table, not at a concert and definitely not in a restaurant. The only way you can savour the flavour of that newly bought sativa is to make friends with a Las Vegas local and light up in their private residence. So, if you’re inclined, you need to start making friends with the locals so that you too can enjoy the very best of Las Vegas cannabis culture.